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We help international clients navigate the Swedish business landscape. Our consultants take the time to fully understand your company, technologies and corporate objectives. The solutions we offer will always be completely tailored to your unique needs.
Sweden is a highly developed and lucrative country with endless opportunities – a perfect place to extend your global presence and explore new markets. Partner with us. We are ready and waiting to guide you all the way.

1 Forbes recently named Sweden as the world’s best country for doing business – a fertile ground for investors

2 Sweden has a nominal per capita GDP of $56,956 and the highest standard of living anywhere in the world

3 The most advanced digital economy in Europe and the region’s most evolved cashless society

4 The Global Competitiveness Index has ranked Sweden as the most competitive economy in the world

5 Sweden is considered to be the most innovative EU nation, with the highest number of patents per capita

6 Sweden is better positioned than any other country in the world to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Say hello to your new Swedish sales office!

Give us exclusive rights to sell your products and services in Sweden


After you've given CE exclusive rights to represent your products and services in Sweden, our qualified sales team will get on the job and start promoting them to prospective clients via direct contact, telephone, e-mail and ads.


A website on a Swedish .se domain will be created if needed, including e-mail address, Swedish telephone number and postal address with global mail forwarding. All necessary documentation will be translated to Swedish.


CE Sweden will function as an intermediate between you and the clients. Our team will work for you as for our own company, providing full support to, and taking care of clients. All inquiries will be handled promptly and professionally.


As for any new business on a completely new market, it might take a while before the operation turns a profit. But don't worry. Our expertise and determination, together with clever marketing is a secure path to success.


In Sweden, the sky is the limit. After we've established your company on the Swedish marketplace, we can go deeper into it, taking further market shares and expanding the company. You decide how successful you want to become.

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Custom Solutions
Every client is different - Every project is different - That's why we always strive to deliver custom solutions, designed to suit your specific needs and objectives
Local Knowledge
Our close connections to Swedish government agencies, institutions and companies enables us to solve your problems, quickly and easily
Take Advantage of Our Expertise
Let us give you the support to succeed - The insights we have gathered over the years are the key to your success in Sweden
Measurements and Insights
All of the strategies and actions we propose have clear paths to measure the impact they have on your business and marketing goals
Service Excellence
Our results are directly linked to the quality of the services we deliver, and ultimately to your success - We are here to help you every step of the way

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